Sitemap - 2023 - CleanTechies

#144 Gen AI in Water Design, Energy Efficient Infrastructure, Digitizing Design & More w/ Adam Tank (Transcend)

#143 The Future of Carbon Markets: Blockchain, Transparency, Local Impact, & Retail Investors | Sudhu Arumugam, CYNK

#142 Lessons, Thoughts and Advice From Running a Climate Tech Podcast w/ Ryan Grant Little (Another Climate Tech Podcast)

#141 Winning Pilots, First Customers, Arena Electrification, & More w/ Chris Richardson (Uptake Alliance, ADL Ventures)

#140 Big Oil Bogeyman, Watching Your Satellites Launch, Biz Model First, & More w/ Dan Katz (Orbital Sidekick)

#139 The Climate Tech Opportunity, Developmental Finance in Climate, & More w/ Jamil Wyne (Climate Tech Bootcamp, Riffle Ventures)

#138 Reverse Vending Machines, Regulation & Demand, Demonstrating Traction, & More w/ Paweł Ciesielski (Maas Loop)

#137 The Rigatoni List, Bootstrapping, The Recommerce OG, Scaling a Logistics Heavy Business, & More w/ John Fazzolari (Revivn)

#136 Hardware as an AI Moat, Design for Finance with the Climate Capital Stack, & More w/ Shaun Abrahamson (Third Sphere VC)

#135 Saving Corporates 50% on Supply Chain, Getting Non-Profits Engaged, & More w/ Diz Petit (LiquiDonate)

#134 How Climatize is Democratizing Clean Energy Investing, Building an MVP in Highly Regulated Markets, & More w/ Will Wiseman (Climatize)

#132 The Role of Science in VC, Successfully Building in Hardware, and Calculating Decarbonization w/ Iris Ten Have (Extantia)

#131 Selling to Utilities, The Disruptor Mistake, Clean Your Camp, Carrot vs Stick Regs, & More w/ Michael Jung (ICF Climate Center)

#130 Financing Emerging Clean Technologies, The Incentive of Repeat Transactions, Hiring a Founding Team, & More w/ Kevin Kyer (

Building a Winning Team: Insights Every Climate Tech Founder Should Hear

#129 A Decade of Energy Investing, Impact Investment Hurdles, & Launching a 2nd Fund w/ Jason Blumberg (Earth Foundry)

#128 Branding & Marketing Your ClimateTech Startup w/ Anna Konstantinova (AnnaKo.Co)

#127 Scalable Carbon Capture, Building as a Non-Deeptech Founder, Creative Business Models, & Navigating Funding Challenges w/ Luke Shors (Capture6)

#126 The Value-add of Specialist VCs, Engaging with Corporate Partners, Advice to Founders & Aspiring VCs, Defending Your Moat, & More with Grant Allen (SE Ventures)

#125 Revolutionizing Heating and Cooling with Smart Radiators, Facing Rejection, and Building Hardware like Software with Marshall Cox (Kelvin)

#124 Timing, Team, & TAM, Removing the Friction of ESG Reporting and Data Tracking, Utilizing Your Investor Network, & More w/ Tee Ganbold (OpenESG)

Pre-Fundraising Insights Every Climate Tech Founder Should Hear

#123 - Driving Adoption in Hard-to-Abate Sectors, Why Not an IP Play, Fundraising for an R&D Shop, Partnering w/ Large Corporates, Hiring PhDs, & More w/ Jeff Erhardt (Mattiq)

#122 - Offset Skepticism, Regulation Driving Demand, Sustainable Supply Chains, Content GTM Strategy, Climate Business Opportunities, & More w/ Saif Hameed (Altruistiq)

#121 - Size Matters...Fund Size, Re-industrializing the World, Hardware is NOT Hard, & More w/ Matt McGraw (Anthro Ventures)

#120 - Serial Entrepreneur Fundraising, the IRA & Home Electrification, IRA-Dependent Business Models, & More w/ Jeff Chapin (Haven Energy)

#119 - Partnering w/ Energy Majors in the Climate Revolution, Houston's Role in the Movement, Discovery Framework, & More w/ Eric Rubenstein (New Climate Ventures)

#118 - Carbon Negative Cement, DeepTech Development Frameworks, Hiring a Founding Team, Pointers on an IP Business, & More w/ Cody Finke (Brimstone)

#117 - Early Stage Hiring Decisions, Heeding the Lessons from CleanTech 1.0, Energize's $300m Growth Fund Close, & More w/ Eileen Waris (Energize Capital)

#116 - Consultative VC, Understanding Customers (as a VC), Developing Industry Networks for Your PortCos, & More w/ Rick Zullo (Equal Ventures)

#115 - How Logical Buildings Built the First Residential & C&I Energy Management Service w/ CEO, Jeff Hendler

#114 - Reflecting on H1 2023 CT Funding & Discussing Transferable Tax Credits Along with the Opportunities they Present (Somil & Silas)

#113 - Incubating Climate Risk / Insurance Solutions as Traditional Insurers Pull Back w/ Stephen Brittain (Insurtech Gateway)

#112 - How to not be Another Failed Green Plastics Chemistry Company, Refugee Shelters, & Selling to Producers, not Brands w/ Alex Blum (Applied Bioplastics)

#111 - Ensuring CT Startups Will be Able to Raise from Conventional Investors & More w/. Heidi Lindvall (Pale Blue Dot)

Redefining Waste through 3D Printed Clay Containers | Earth to Earth w/ Sanjeev Mankotia (GaeaStar)

From Coal to Climate, VC Channel Sales Partners, LP Sentiment & More w/ Albert Bielinko (Telstra Ventures)

The Role of Conventional Professionals in the ClimateTech Revolution

Sawdust to Chemicals; Building a BioChemical Startup w/ Julie Kring (Khepra)

Planeteer News Reaction, Thought Leadership in CT, & Leveraging Reputation w/ Somil Aggarwal

Ep #106 - Using Blockchain to Verify Carbon Offsets | Blockchain & Climate Are Compatible w/ Alan Ransil (Filecoin Green)

Dealing w/ Bandwagoning, Incubators, & Moats, with Alex Mitchell (Full Turn Capital)

#104 From Restaurants to ClimateTech: Building a Carbon Capture Concrete Company w/ Tim Sperry (Carbon Limit)

#103 - Revolutionizing Takeout: Tackling Plastic Waste Crisis with Reusable Containers and Gamification w/ James Wilson (reUser)

#102 - Harvard -> D.E. Shaw -> Obama Administration -> Decarbonizing Refrigeration w/ Manik Suri (GlacierGrid) (fkna Therma)

#101 Building a Smart AC company to help Solve Climate Change w/ Ran Roth (Sensibo)

Extracting Precious Metals from Catalytic Converters to Solve Climate Change w/ Greg Pendura (Regenx)

Capturing Methane to Power Data Centers in Remote Areas w/ Andreas Lehner (PowerBlocks)

How to build an MVP with a complex ClimateTech Startup - Andy Frank, Founder of Sealed

#97 Cutting Building Heat Loss Via Windows & Building a Platform for Glass Technology Firms w/ Anas Kassas (INOVUES)

Real Conversations about the Challenges, Insecurities, and Joys of Building a ClimateTech Startup w/ Alina Liu (Disco)

Food Waste to Energy; A new Vertical of Infrastructure w/ Ryan Begin (Divert)

Unlocking the Power of Oceanic Carbon Capture w/ Ben Swainbank (Oceanid MRV)

#93 Hard Truths About VC, Raising Advice, & Small Fund Limitations w/ Susan Su (Toba Capital)

Cleaning up Oceans at the Source...Rivers w/ Nicola Rubini (Conai)

How Keyframe is Bridging the Gap from Pure VC to Pure PE Financing for Hard Tech COs w/ Ethan Goldsmith

How to Get a Job in ClimateTech

Coming soon

#90 Total Real Estate Retrofits, RE Valuations, Tenant Education, & More w/ Chris Gray (RENU Communities)

#89 From Dust to Dust Masonry Products - Fusing Modern Science + Traditional Methods w/ Adital Ela (Criaterra)

What it Takes to be a Good VC w/ Shawn Xu (Lowercarbon Captal)

Sustainable Packages, Manufacturers Willing to Sell Fewer Boxes, & More w/ James Malley (Paccurate)

Up-skilling Talent to be ESG-Aligned and AI Talent Prediction w/ Joe Bushnell (Azollo)

How to Raise Money for your ClimateTech Startup w/ Tommy Leep, founder of Jetstream VC

Carbon Capture Paint, Gigaton Scale, & Landing ClimateTech Pilot Projects w/ Beth & Steve McDaniel

#83 From 30% to 90% Li Recovery, Founding a ClimateTech Co, & Talent Moat w/ Teague Egan (EnergyX)

Helping Consumers Signal Desire for Sustainable Products w/ Olivia Pedersen (Sustaio)

#81 Electrifying Homes, Home Air-Quality & Health, Merging Blue & White Collar Talent w/ DR Richardson (Elephant Energy)

Cyber Security & ClimateTech Intersect, E-Waste, & Value-Aligned Investors w/ John Shegerian (ERI)

Re-Engineering the World because the Future is Decarbonized w/ Matt Ward (4Ward.VC)

How CorporateVCs are Playing a role in the Climate Revolution w/ Erik Terjesen (Silicon Foundry)

ClimateTech Investing, More Seed Money, & Climate Optimism w/ Nadav Steinmetz (Nomea)