May 17 • 53M

Extracting Precious Metals from Catalytic Converters to Solve Climate Change w/ Greg Pendura (Regenx)

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Silas Mähner
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In this episode, Silas Mahner (@silasmahner) speaks with the CEO of publicly traded, Regenx, Greg Pendura. Regenx is a metals recycling company recovering precious metals from catalytic converters and selling it on the market or providing the service directly to OEMs.

Greg explains the problem they are solving, how they are solving it, the back story of the company, how they funded the project, and where he sees the future going.

If you dream of a future where everything can be broken down and made into either the same or another product, this is a great episode for you.

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**1:19 Intro to Greg

**6:03 The Problem

**14:38 The Solution

**17:14 Offtake of the Materials

**21:39 Total Recovery

**24:28 Business Model

**34:22 The R&D Process

**38:58 Funding

**50:54Final Thoughts



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