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#104 From Restaurants to ClimateTech: Building a Carbon Capture Concrete Company w/ Tim Sperry (Carbon Limit)

#104 From Restaurants to ClimateTech: Building a Carbon Capture Concrete Company w/ Tim Sperry (Carbon Limit)

What happens when a successful restaurateur decides to tackle climate change? Tim Sperry, CEO and founder of Carbon Limit, joins us to share his incredible journey from the restaurant business to creating a carbon capture technology company. With a mix of passion and business acumen, Tim offers valuable advice on finding the right investors, joining industry organizations, and navigating the regulatory space.

Discover how Carbon Limit's innovative carbon-capturing concrete works and the potential it holds for reducing air pollution. Tim gives us an in-depth look at the company's transition from manufacturing to an IP play, licensing their unique materials and formula. We also explore the unit economics of licensing technology and the potential of generating carbon credits.

Learn from Tim's experience with Techstars, fundraising, and the importance of mentorship and maintaining relationships throughout his entrepreneurial journey. From strategic grants to creative financing, Tim's insights and advice are invaluable for anyone interested in the climate tech space. Don't miss this engaging conversation about Carbon Limit's mission to create and commercialize carbon capture technology for the built environment.

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