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#128 Branding & Marketing Your ClimateTech Startup w/ Anna Konstantinova (AnnaKo.Co)

#128 Branding & Marketing Your ClimateTech Startup w/ Anna Konstantinova (AnnaKo.Co)


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Why you should listen:

  • To get a basic intro to marketing and branding as a climate tech founder/operator

  • Learn some tips on branding and recruitment/talent acquisition

  • Find out when you should bring on someone to help you with your brand

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In this episode, Silas Mahner (@silasmahner) & Somil Aggarwal (@somil_agg) speak with Anna Konstantinova about her advice to climate tech companies in relation to marketing and branding. Really helpful episode for our listeners from someone who has spent a lot of time helping founders and climate brands make their work digestible to the correct target audience.

Enjoy the Episode! 🌎

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  • 3:10 Intro & Career

  • 12:53 Why a Brand Matters

  • 17:54 How to Position Brand to People Uninterested in Climate Change

  • 26:36 Are There General Archetypes

  • 28:42 When to "Set" Brand

  • 31:32 Tips on Branding During Fundraise

  • 36:39 Personal Branding for Founder is Also Important

  • 43:03 When to Get Help to Pass the Plateau

  • 49:20 Hiring & Brand


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CoHost.AI Write Up:

Are you ready to discover the transformative power of branding within the climate tech space? Join our conversation with Anna Konstantinova, a seasoned expert who passionately decodes the complexities of crafting unique brand identities. Prepare to be enlightened as we traverse the often overlooked yet crucial aspect of branding and marketing in climate tech companies. 

As we chat with Anna, we unravel the significance of a compelling brand presence and how it's much more than just being memorable. It's about forging a connection with people that resonates at their core. We delve into the importance of understanding your target audience and articulating the brand's role in their lives. Anna further underscores the necessity for a human touch within climate brands, paving the way for brands of the future. 

Our insightful discussion doesn't stop at branding. We also explore its pivotal role in a startup - from fundraising to pitching, and how to effectively deliver your message. By examining the influence of video games on our perception of life events, the challenges of scaling a business, and aligning purpose, economics, and motivation to inspire change. So, buckle up for a thought-provoking episode where we demystify the power of branding and its critical role in the realm of climate tech!

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