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#81 Electrifying Homes, Home Air-Quality & Health, Merging Blue & White Collar Talent w/ DR Richardson (Elephant Energy)

#81 Electrifying Homes, Home Air-Quality & Health, Merging Blue & White Collar Talent w/ DR Richardson (Elephant Energy)

Today we are joined by DR Richardson the Co-Founder and CEO of Elephant Energy. DR started his career in a ClimateTech Fund for about 8 years. Then eventually left to scratch his entrepreneurial itch and build a ClimateTech startup. After about 2 years of testing ideas, he and his Co-founder Josh Lake landed on Elephant Energy where they are removing the friction of electrifying homes. 

A few of the things we talked about today are...

  • their product & the benefits - an interesting one was the health benefits of it

  • how they got started

  • the challenges of being a ClimateTech founder

  • his experience fundraising for the company

  • the talent challenges 

  • how important blue-collar work is and the challenges of making it attractive 

  • and his outlook on the future 

  • how you don't need to be a technical person to found a climate tech startup 

It's a really fun episode and hopefully an inspiration to those without a technical background who are motivated to build a business and want to help reverse climate change in the meantime.


  • 3:19 How he started

  • 15:02 Benefits of electrifying a home (Financial, Climate, Comfort, Health)

  • 21:54 Finding good contractors and working with them

  • 25:06 Insurance COs & cleaner homes

  • 26:30  Launching and advice to other founders

  • 28:48 How PE exp informed his decision making process

  • 31:32 His experience fundraising (How wide, Luck, Just need one yes)

  • 35:10 Loyal to a fault

  • 37:23 Behind the scenes - the hard things

  • 39:38 The mental gymnastics of being a founder

  • 41:47 Talent and making Blue Collar work sexy

  • 49:13 Outlook on the future 



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