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#101 Building a Smart AC company to help Solve Climate Change w/ Ran Roth (Sensibo)

#101 Building a Smart AC company to help Solve Climate Change w/ Ran Roth (Sensibo)

Today we speak with Ran Roth, the Co-Founder and CTO of Sensibo, an IoT device company that connects your AC units to various services to help you use your AC unit more efficiently.

Ran started with a tech background, focused on data and with his co-founder, decided he wanted to start a business. They didn't specifically focus on climate, but did want to do something good for the world.

Of course, as implied, they eventually ended up building a ClimateTech company.

In today's conversation, we discuss how they got started, their experience raising funds back in wake of the death of CleanTech 1.0, and the future of indoor climate control.

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**1:07 Intro

**2:43 How he got into Sensibo

**6:56 Stats: 1/3 of energy goes into heating and cooling globally

**12:30 How the tech works

**17:21 How they started

**19:48 Going from software to hardware

**22:23 When they took off & the funding process

**26:21 Financial Model

**28:57 Advice for Utility Partnerships

**31:54 Indoor climate / air quality & health

**34:36 Talent

**37:00 Future of indoor climate control

**39:58n Final thoughts


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