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CleanTechies is an initiative where Silas interviews ClimateTech Founders and VCs (mostly) to discuss their experience building and investing to solve Climate Change through new technologies. So, if you’re a founder or VC seeking to learn more about how others are doing it, subscribe. Or don’t… it’s up to you.

What you’ll find here…

Each week we post one (sometimes more) episode of the CleanTechies Podcast and then we post newsletter content a bit more sporadically. Often we are putting out a monthly newsletter that gives a bit of a summary of the previous month’s content in words…yeah ik words, who reads words anymore. I guess you do.

The content of all this is usually,

  • How did the guest get started in their career - how did they become interested in climate?

  • What are they doing?

  • Their advice/experience in building their startup / VC - often we talk about things like how to pitch investors, how to structure your funding, securing your IP, what you’d do differently, and some more personal questions like how they cope with the pressure of being a founder

  • TBH, it’s pretty wide-ranging but focused on providing advice to Founders and VCs in the space

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By following and joining our slack channel, you can get intros to other founders, potential partners, funding angels/VCs, service providers, and potential talent.

We are here to help - it’s our passion and one day we want to launch our own ClimateTech startup so we are trying to provide value upfront for free in order to let reciprocity do its thing.

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CleanTechies is a Podcast and Newsletter where Silas speaks with Founders and VCs in the ClimateTech space to discuss building and investing in solutions to Climate Change.


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