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#97 Cutting Building Heat Loss Via Windows & Building a Platform for Glass Technology Firms w/ Anas Kassas (INOVUES)

#97 Cutting Building Heat Loss Via Windows & Building a Platform for Glass Technology Firms w/ Anas Kassas (INOVUES)

In this episode, Silas Mahner (@silasmahner) speaks with Anas Al Kassas the founder and CEO of INOVUES where they are helping solve heat loss for buildings. Their tech is essentially a retrofit solution to single-pane glass that can be achieved at scale.

They are also partnering with other companies such as solar glass and tinting services to act as a platform for them to sell their tech.

The key things in this conversation are 1) how their tech works 2) how he got started and the process of going through accelerators and getting the initial round of funding, 3) how the IP process works and his experience there, and 4) how they are using creative financing models to remove the friction from buying.

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(00:17) Intro & how he got the Idea for the Tech

(10:00) What INOVUES doing

(13:30) How their tech works

(19:30) How they. get the glass installed at scale

(24:00) Building the business & funding

(35:30) IP, the Process, and Learnings

(40:45) Universities and IP

(43:00) Funding the business continued

(47:45) Managing partnerships

(53:00) Financing options to their clients

(56:00) Final thoughts



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