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#185 Green Hydrogen, Landing Customers, Electrolyzers, Building in Wisconsin, & More w/ Chad Mason (Advanced Ionics)

#184 Plastic Replacement, Natural Fibers, Drop-In Materials, Toll Mills & More w/ Jesse Henry (Heartland Industries)

10 Companies to Watch: Smart Cities & CDR

#183 Smart Cities, Climate FinTech, Urban Tech, VC Fundamentals, & More w/ Rahul Parekh (2150)

All Our Built Environment Episodes

#182 Voluntary Carbon Markets, Investing in 100+ CDR Startups, Hard-to-Abate Sectors, & More w/ Marian Krueger (remove)

10 Companies to Watch: Energy Storage

#181 Hot Rocks, From EPA to Apple, Paths to Commercialization, The CapEx > OpEx Model, & More w/ Arvin Ganesan (Fourth Power)

10 Companies to Watch: Transmission Tech (Hardware & Software)

#180 Tough Tech, Scaling DeepTech, MIT's Ecosystem, Political Durability of IRA, & More w/ Michael Kearney (Engine Ventures)

10 Companies to Watch: Water Tech & Industrial Decarb Software

#179 Industrial Decarb, ROI-Oriented Sales, GHG Accounting, Marketplaces x Recommender Systems, & More w/ Saleh ElHattab (Gravity)

#178 Investing in Water, IRA's Missing Link, Long Sales-Cycles, Network Compounding, & More w/ Tom Ferguson (Burnt Island Ventures)

10 Companies to Watch: Climate Risk Insurance & Wildfire Resistance

#177 Climate Resilience, Bridging FAANG to ClimateTech, Cloud Computing with Geospatial Data, & More w/ Allison Wolff (Vibrant Planet)

#176 Green Premium & the Price of No Action, Partner w/ Big Oil?, EV Demand, & More w/ Shaun Abrahamson, Part II (Third Sphere)

#175 Micromobility, Software Best Practices, Creative Business Models, Seasonality & More w/ Chinmay Malaviya & Charlie Depman (Ridepanda)

#174 Hardware Playbook, Science in VC, DeepTech Success Stories, Environmental-Based Returns, & More w/ Jessica Burley (Planet A Ventures)

🚨 SPECIAL EP: #173 Breaking Down GGRF and $20B into ClimateTech w/ Franz Hochstrasser (Raise Green, S2 Strategies)

#172 AI x Production, Battery Technology, Learning from Tesla, & More w/ Vivas Kumar (Mitra Chem)

#171 Regenerative Farming, Carbon Credits, Smallholders, Global Protocols & More w/ Josh Knauer (ReSeed)

#170 AgTech, Robot Weed Killers, Precision Spraying, Herbicide Usage, & More w/ Tom Gauthier (AgTechLogic)

#169 Urban Mining, Actual Solar Panel Lifespan, End of Life Engineering, & More w/ Adam Saghei (WeRecycleSolar)

#168 Advice for Project Finance, AI x Climate, CleanTech 1.0, Late Stage Investing, & More w/ Mike Jackson (Earthshot Ventures)

#167 Urban Charging, Electrifying Cities, Pilots & Partnerships, & More w/ Tiya Gordon (It's Electric)

#166 Hybrids & EVs, Alternative Fuels, Technology Maturity, Diverse Teams & More w/ Logan Grizzel (MUUS Climate Partners)

#165 Iterating Hardware, Productizing Solar Procurement, Efficiency Mindset, & More w/ Mike Hall (Anza)

#164 Net-Zero Cement, Surviving the Startup Valley-of-Death, Timing a Pivot, & More w/ Ryan Gilliam (Fortera)

#163 Rockefeller’s $1B for Climate, Nature-Based Solutions, Philanthropic Capital, & More w/ Thomas Belazis (Rockefeller Foundation)

#162 Impact Metrics Liability, Navigating Reporting, Profit-First, & More w/ Zécca Lehn (Responsibly Ventures)

#161 Bylon, Recyclable Fibers, Ag Waste to Threads, Innovating Past Mistakes, & More w/ Oliver Shafaat (Sci-Lume Labs)

#160 Climate Philanthropy, Reducing Carbon Removal Cost, Anti-GHG, & More w/ Adam Fraser (Terraset)

#159 Slashing Trucking Emissions by 90% TODAY, Biodiesel, Scaling up Manufacturing, & more w/ Lori Dunn (Optimus Technologies)

#158 Product-Led ClimateTech, Exiting to Big Tech TWICE, Being a Climate Papa, & More w/ Ben Eidelson (Stepchange, Climate Papa)

#157 Onshoring Battery Production, Getting to Bankability, Waterless Cathode Materials, & More w/ Virginia Klausmeier (Sylvatex)

#156 Digitizing Supply Chains, Finding the Right Investors & an Oversubscribed Round, Important Materials in Climate, & More w/ Leise Sandeman (Pathways)

#155 Supporting Underrepresented Founders, Hardware MVP & Scaling, Partnering w/ Corporates, & More w/ Ryan Jeffery (Gener8tor)

#154 Automated Site Selection & Environmental Due Diligence for Developers, Permitting Challenges, the Cost of Solar, & More w/ Robin Laine (Transect)

#153 The Most Valuable Data in ClimateTech, Confusing AI with Efficiency, and The Power of Tea w/ Peter Sun (Climactic)

#152 Commercializing DeepTech, Policy Tailwinds, Carbon Capture, & More w/ Adam Goff (8 Rivers)

#151 Winning Grants & Non-Dilutive Capital, The Palo Alto Effect, Expanding Your TAM, & More w/ Helena Merk (Streamline Climate)

#150 AI Fund Operations, Canada x Climate VC, "Growth-as-a-Service", & More w/ Nick Findler & Chad Rickaby (ClimateDoor)

#149 PFAS, Sustainable Semiconductors, Water Consumption, & More w/ Tobias Egle (M Ventures)

#148 SAF, Green Hydrogen, Light Reactors | Decarbonizing the Chemical Industry World w/ Trevor Best (Syzygy)

#147 Scaling "Equity-Light" Climate Tech: Marketplace Solutions, Equity-Light vs. Software, and Electrification of Transportation w/ Russell Sprole (Virta Ventures)

#146 AI-Powered Savings: Optimizing EV Charging Costs on the Grid w/ Ken Munson (Rhythmos)

#145 Climate x Industrial Automation, Climate Storytelling, Changing Cap Table Structure & More w/ Jay Kapoor (VSC Ventures)

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