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#187 Energy Transparency, Selling to Utilities, Electricity Markets, Exiting TWICE & More w/ Toby Ferenczi (Granular Energy)

#187 Energy Transparency, Selling to Utilities, Electricity Markets, Exiting TWICE & More w/ Toby Ferenczi (Granular Energy)

Why you should care about your electricity is coming from. And trading electricity...what's that??

Why did the electrician become a great stock trader?

Because he knew how to "switch" and "current" trends!

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Today, we are talking to Toby Ferenczi from Granular Energy.

In this electrifying (ha!) episode, we finally tracked down the elusive Toby Ferenczi, a man who juggles startups like they're hot potatoes. ⚡️

Toby educates us about the world of electricity transparency and trading.

Did you know you can trade electricity like stocks? Neither did we! And it doesn’t exactly work like that…but it got your interest, didn’t it?? 🤔

From his days at Cambridge to co-founding Granular Energy, Toby has journeyed in solar starting with solar panel materials with this PhDs, working at GE, and later through startup exits.

He even founded a nonprofit for timestamped energy certificates—because, why not?

If you've ever wondered where your electricity comes from or how to make a clean energy choice, this episode is a shocker in the best way possible. 💥

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The Guest: Toby Ferenczi

  • Toby physics at Cambridge University and completed a PhD in solar energy on new materials for solar cells.

  • He then for General Electric in global research, gaining experience in the renewables industry during the early growth of solar energy deployment in Germany

  • He co-founded multiple startups, including one of the first rooftop solar financing businesses in the UK, which was sold to a Chinese solar panel manufacturer in 2013

  • Now, he’s the co-founder of Granular Energy, a climate tech startup enabling transparency in energy sourcing to utility companies in 10 countries

  • If that wasn’t enough, he’s also founded Energy Tag, a nonprofit organization developing international standards for timestamped energy certificates which has been supported by major tech companies and the United Nations

The Company: Granular Energy

One Liner: Next generation clean energy trading and management

Granular Energy provides software for utility companies to track and manage energy sources for greater transparency.

Their technology enables real-time matching of energy supply with demand.

They serve clients in 10 countries, helping utilities offer precise energy source information to customers.

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📝 Show Notes:


  • 02:42 Introduction

  • 05:00 Enabling Customers to Choose Clean Energy

  • 08:20 The Role of Electricity Markets

  • 10:43 Journey as an Entrepreneur 

  • 14:46 Transparency in the Energy Industry

  • 20:50 Understanding the Utility Business Model 

  • 25:28 Opportunities to Bypass Utilities

  • 30:49 Fundraising

  • 33:50 The Future of the Solar Industry

  • 43:24 Opportunities in the Market


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