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#146 AI-Powered Savings: Optimizing EV Charging Costs on the Grid w/ Ken Munson (Rhythmos)

#146 AI-Powered Savings: Optimizing EV Charging Costs on the Grid w/ Ken Munson (Rhythmos)

🌎 Welcome back to the CleanTechies PodLetter, founder edition.

Today, we are talking to Ken Munson from Rhythmos

In this episode, some of the biggest ideas we discuss are…

  • Ken's career from architecture to entrepreneurship and a discussion on the importance of veteran entrepreneurs staying in the arena

  • Why customer experience is key to EV success

  • His tactical tips on selling to utilities and understanding their perspective

Overall, Ken brings a lot of mature and actionable advice, given how many reps he has as an entrepreneur.

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The Guest: Ken Munson

  • Industry Expertise: Ken Munson is a distinguished leader in the clean technology and electric vehicle sectors, with a career spanning over two decades. His journey began in architecture, but a shift towards entrepreneurship led him to the clean technology industry.
    Ken's experience ranges from biotechnology and agriculture to renewable energy, where he has consistently focused on sustainable and innovative solutions. His leadership roles in various companies, including Sun Verge Energy, have been pivotal in pioneering grid-edge energy storage and solar technology integration.

  • Professional Journey: Ken's entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found and lead multiple companies, including Sun Verge Energy and Rhythmos. His decision to join Rhythmos as CEO was driven by a keen interest in addressing the challenges of integrating electric vehicles into the utility grid.
    His expertise in business development and innovative technology applications has significantly contributed to advancing sustainable energy solutions in the industry.

  • Focus on Innovation: Throughout his career, Ken Munson has demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation, particularly in clean technology and sustainable energy solutions. At Rhythmos, he is at the forefront of utilizing AI to optimize electric vehicle charging and grid management, showcasing his dedication to pioneering technologies that not only enhance energy efficiency but also drive environmental sustainability. Ken's visionary approach continues to influence the evolution of the electric vehicle and clean technology landscapes.

The Company: Rhythmos

EV Charging Infrastructure, GridEdge, Energy Efficiency

One-liner: Revolutionizing EV Charging Efficiency with AI-Driven Grid Integration Solutions.

Function: Rhythmos specializes in developing next-generation managed charging services for electric vehicles, focusing on integrating EVs seamlessly into the utility grid using advanced AI algorithms.

Origin: Rhythmos was founded to address the growing need for efficient integration of electric vehicles into the power grid. Recognizing the challenges in grid management due to the increasing adoption of EVs, Rhythmos set out to create innovative solutions that harmonize EV charging with grid capabilities.

Problem / Solution: The traditional approach to EV charging puts a strain on the utility grid, leading to inefficiencies and potential overloads. Rhythmos tackles this challenge by using AI to predict optimal charging times, thereby balancing the grid load and reducing costs. Their technology allows for intelligent charging management that adapts to grid conditions and user needs, ensuring efficient energy use and cost savings. This approach not only enhances the sustainability of EV charging but also paves the way for a more robust and adaptable energy infrastructure.

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📝 Show Notes:


  • 1:40 Intro to Ken

  • 3:00 Going from Architect to Entrepreneur to Rhythmos

  • 12:00 What Grid Edge Is

  • 14:45 What Rhythmos is Doing, Why, and How it Works

  • 21:30 How Rhythmos is Helping Solve the Infrastructure Problem

  • 24:50 Their Customer Types (Utilities & Commercial Fleets)

  • 27:48 How They do Incremental Data Access Tech to Fill the Gaps to the Utility

  • 31:20 The ROI of Using Rhythmos

  • 32:15 Advice on Selling to Utilities

  • 36:45 How to Hire Good SalesPeople

  • 42:30 On Deciding to Go Back Into the Arena


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