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#127 Scalable Carbon Capture, Building as a Non-Deeptech Founder, Creative Business Models, & Navigating Funding Challenges w/ Luke Shors (Capture6)

#127 Scalable Carbon Capture, Building as a Non-Deeptech Founder, Creative Business Models, & Navigating Funding Challenges w/ Luke Shors (Capture6)

Among other things.

Why you should listen:

  • Learn about a new breakthrough carbon capture model

  • How you can build a deep tech company as a non-deep-tech founder

  • How to raise from both public and private funding sources

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Show Notes:

In this episode, Silas Mähner (@silasmahner) and Somil Aggarwal (@somilagg) interview Luke Shors, co-founder of Capture6. Capture6 is a direct air carbon capture company, applying its innovative technology and business model to revolutionize the way that carbon capture takes place. One of their claims to fame is their approach to being efficient with water usage and creating beneficial byproducts from their capture process. Luke himself is not a deep tech founder and shares great insights on how he navigated building a deep tech company in climate.

Overall, a super good episode packed full of insights.

Enjoy the Episode! 🌎

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  • 1:32 Introduction & early career

  • 6:53 Starting as a public benefit company

  • 12:50 Being a climate founder without a deep tech background

  • 16:28 Capture6 differentiator

  • 20:01 Economic advantage of direct air capture

  • 31:15 Price of Capture6's carbon

  • 36:11 Navigating GTM

  • 40:22 Messaging in public vs. private funding

  • 50:37 Advice for founders

  • 54:00 If he started a company today, he would…


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CoHost.AI write up:

Get ready to challenge everything you know about carbon capture with Luke Shores, the minds behind the revolutionary direct-air carbon capture company, Capture6. These trailblazers are pushing boundaries, reimagining what's possible and breaking the mold with their innovative approach. Join us as we delve into the story of Capture6.

Luke shed light on their groundbreaking methodology and how they're transforming the traditional carbon capture processes. They're not just recycling solvents or storing CO2, they're creating beneficial byproducts and making strides in efficient water usage. Discover how their ingenious use of an electrochemical process to produce sodium hydroxide and their strategy of leveraging the economics of brine and freshwater management is making carbon removal more cost-effective.

Luke takes us through the exhilarating journey of building a deep tech company - the challenges, the victories, and the invaluable lessons learned along the way. We talk about the hurdles of acquiring funding for decarbonization projects and share essential advice for founders in the climate space. From fundraising to talent management to securing community buy-in, there's a wealth of knowledge waiting for you in this episode. By the end, you'll gain a new perspective on responsible engineering and ocean alkalinity enhancement. So, sit back, tune in, and prepare for an enlightening discussion.

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