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Helping Utilities Utilize Wasted Data with Sean Murphy of PingThings

Helping Utilities Utilize Wasted Data with Sean Murphy of PingThings

Hello everyone and welcome back to CleanTechies the Podcast. This is episode 55.

If you are a climate tech founder with specific questions you'd like us to ask -- OR -- looking for capital and strategic partner introductions, please reach out to me via the Slack Channel or LinkedIn and we are glad to help in any way we can.  

Today our episode is with Sean Murphy the CEO of PingThings. Ping things is, in technical terms, the world's fastest nanosecond-precise time series analysis and AI platform. To translate that,  they are able to analyze vast amounts of data very quickly. The application they are focused on currently is for utilities and grid operators. Specifically, transmission lines have a lot of sensors that are not used because most utilities didn't have the ability to actually read and utilize the data collected. With their technology, they are now able to do this and it can have massive impacts on the grid and on climate change. 

As usual, we discussed a wide range of topics including, his inspiration to become an entrepreneur, how the tech works, future trends, a misalignment of incentives among utilities, and education.

Really fun conversation today. Enjoy! 

Main Talking Points: 

  • Intro to Sean

  • Impetus for becoming an entrepreneur 

  • How to navigate early career with entrepreneurial tendencies

  • What is PingThings

  • How did they decide on what industry to support

  • Visualizing what they do

  • How they achieve this

  • Use cases & applications

  • How it impacts climate

  • An electrical engineering lesson

  • Solutions for this grid problem 

  • Any hardware required

  • Future trends

  • Regulatory landscape

  • Misalignment of incentives 

  • Advice to young professionals

  • Hiring - what they look for

  • College systems

  • Do we need more STEM

  • Wrapping up

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