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#130 Financing Emerging Clean Technologies, The Incentive of Repeat Transactions, Hiring a Founding Team, & More w/ Kevin Kyer (

#130 Financing Emerging Clean Technologies, The Incentive of Repeat Transactions, Hiring a Founding Team, & More w/ Kevin Kyer (


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Why you should listen:

  • Learn how to hire a founding team

  • Find out the secret to properly structured incentives to achieve repeat transactions when working in emerging markets

  • Learn how to communicate your offering to non-climate-nerds

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In this episode, Silas Mahner (@silasmahner) & Somil Aggarwal (@somil_agg) speak with Kevin Kyer, the Co-Founder, and CEO of pyrpose - a direct lending platform that, using the crowdfunding laws, allows individuals to lend to companies creating clean solutions in order to deploy their technology, the user is also getting a return on their money. They specifically focus on emerging markets because of how high the cost of capital is and the unwillingness of large lending institutions to operate in those markets currently.

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  • 1:59 Intro and career

  • 8:48 What is Pyrpose?

  • 15:22 How do they approach marketplaces?

  • 18:04 What he’s learned from consumers and sellers

  • 20.57 Why their work is important

  • 25:59 Roadmap and GTM

  • 29:01 Experience raising on this model

  • 32:26 Thoughts on crypto and climate

  • 35:49 Picking a founding team

  • 42:41 How they find talent

  • 45:46 Advice to founders regarding product market fit

  • 49:16 Climate-specific product market fit advice

  • 52:23 Ideas – Building Something else

Show Summary:

Imagine a future where each of us could play a part in shaping the planet’s climate-conscious trajectory. That's the vision Kevin Kyer, co-founder, and CEO of Pyrpose, expounds in today’s conversation.

With a journey that spans from internet marketing to renewable energy and ultimately, to pioneering climate tech by financing it. Kevin provides an eye-opening look at the intersection of technology and our shared responsibility towards the environment. 

In this robust discussion, we delve into how Pyrpose is revolutionizing the climate tech sector by using the crowdfunding regulatory methodology, built on top of blockchain technology, to lend working capital to small and medium-sized CleanTech businesses.

This method helps make a positive environmental impact and fosters a direct and tangible connection between investors and these companies.

Kevin also shared his honest thoughts on carbon marketplaces, the concept of regenerative finance, and the compelling opportunity it presents for investors to engage with communities globally. 

Aspiring founders and investors will glean valuable insights as Kevin shares his experience assembling a startup team and navigating the tight capital markets.

This ep is packed with actionable advice and forward-thinking perspectives. It also offers a glimpse into the future of climate technology, underscoring the potential—and necessity—of collaboration within the climate tech community.

🎧 Listen in and discover how you can play a part in the global energy transition and make a lasting impact on our planet by directly investing in emerging CleanTech projects.


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  • Voiz Academy: this is a community that helps you upskill and land a job at a climate tech company or a sustainability role. If interested you can check them out here:

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