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#120 - Serial Entrepreneur Fundraising, the IRA & Home Electrification, IRA-Dependent Business Models, & More w/ Jeff Chapin (Haven Energy)

#120 - Serial Entrepreneur Fundraising, the IRA & Home Electrification, IRA-Dependent Business Models, & More w/ Jeff Chapin (Haven Energy)

Show Notes:

In this episode, Silas Mahner (@silasmahner) & Somil Aggarwal (@somil_agg) speak with Jeff Chapin, the Co-Founder of Haven Energy. We heard how he raised the funding for Haven with 2 pitches. He taught us how the IRA aids home electrification. His thoughts on building IRA-dependent businesses. We finish up with his advice to founders.

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  • 1:03 Intro & Journey into Climate

  • 5:41 Hiring an outsider

  • 12:18 Advice to get going as a founder-to-be

  • 15:09 What Haven does

  • 26:40 Blue Collar Workers in Climate

  • 30:11 The Raising Process

  • 35:45 The IRA and Home Electrification

  • 48:34 Advice to Founders


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CoHost.AI Write Up

Join us for a fascinating exploration into the world of cleantech entrepreneurship with Jeff Chapin, the visionary founder behind Haven Energy. Our discussion traverses his unique journey, from the origins of his business to his innovative approach to securing seed funding with just two pitches. We uncover the importance of creating a product that serves customers better, moving beyond simply playing to people's goodwill. 

Venture with us into the realm of battery technology, where Jeff shares his insights on the shifting focus of pitch presentations. From emphasizing climate benefits to enthralling investors with a superior product that reduces electricity costs, enhances resilience and lowers carbon footprint. Jeff’s journey takes a detour as he shares his experience of taking a hiatus to renovate a 110-year-old house in rural Wyoming. This leads us back to his passion for climate resilience and the basic human needs that drive him.

We round off with a deep dive into the world of home electrification, exploring its potential and the impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on it. We also examine the incentives offered through the Internal Revenue Act of 2018, shedding light on how they're reducing ownership costs and accelerating the shift to home electrification. Jeff also shares his wisdom for other founders, emphasizing the importance of a robust business model and pitching an idea while it's being built. Don't miss this enlightening conversation with a trailblazer in the climate tech space.

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