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#119 - Partnering w/ Energy Majors in the Climate Revolution, Houston's Role in the Movement, Discovery Framework, & More w/ Eric Rubenstein (New Climate Ventures)

#119 - Partnering w/ Energy Majors in the Climate Revolution, Houston's Role in the Movement, Discovery Framework, & More w/ Eric Rubenstein (New Climate Ventures)

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Ever wondered what the intersection of climate change and venture capital looks like? In our latest podcast episode, we have a riveting conversation with Eric Rubenstein, founding managing partner at New Climate Ventures. Eric opens up about his journey from corporate investing in ONG to climate tech VC investing, shedding light on the pivotal role of energy majors in the energy transition and the climate revolution.

We don't just stop there! Together with Eric, we delve into the pressing issue of global warming, discussing viable strategies for developing a carbon tech ecosystem to help decarbonize our planet. We explore high-emission sectors like the built environment and the food and agricultural industry, and how technologies such as sustainable aviation fuels can be leveraged for decarbonization. Eric also offers invaluable insights into the fundraising process for climate tech, and the significance of attracting the right investors for early-stage growth.

Things get real as we talk about the impact of the conflict in Eastern Europe on the venture capital industry and the subsequent shift in investor mindset. Eric shares his experiences from the fundraising trenches, emphasizing the critical need for energy security in these conversations. We also discuss his work with energy majors and chemical companies, and how understanding traditional industries is key to effective change. So tune in as we navigate the fascinating world of startup investments, sales trends, funding, and deliver some priceless advice for founders. You won't want to miss this!


In this episode Silas Mahner (@silasmahner) interviews Eric Rubenstein about his journey into climate tech, the importance of partnering with Energy Majors in the Climate Revolution, the role of Houston in that movement, Eric's discovery framework, and his ideal founder traits.

Overall, a super good episode packed full of insights.

Enjoy the Episode! 🌎


  • 1:36 Intro & His Climate Journey

  • 9:42 DTD Challenges of Being a VC

  • 13:59 New Climate Ventures

  • 15:50 Their Verticals

  • 22:27 His Exp Raising the Fund

  • 30:41 Houston & The Climate Revolution

  • 39:30 Ideal Founder Traits

Advice Section

  • 46:19 Discovery Mindset Framework & Tactics

  • 50:32 VCs Required Value Props

  • 55:10 Fundraising Advice

  • 58:56 His Role Model VCs

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